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We provide advanced engineering technology, to improve the results of healthcare professionals.

Our goal is to offer the best solutions in order to improve people’s health and life quality.

Healthcare professionals are our most valuable human resources.

Featured Products

Unmet medical needs

With such a big demand for orthopaedic products, it is understandable that the industry uses high volume fabrication techniques, however there are such a variety of solutions that choosing the right one for a specific patient is no easy task for the healthcare professionals, and more often than not they have to fit the patient to the implant.

To satisfy this need, BRECA develops custom made healthcare products manufactured with 3D printing technologies, due to the advantages related to medical aspects, efficiency and cost savings, such as: no geometry restrictions in fabrication, implementation of porous geometries that promote bone grow into the implant for better fixation, cost reduction in the global process, thanks to a better surgery plan, shorter patient recovery and reductions of revisions surgeries.

A custom-made solution will always be the one that fits the patient, and not the other way around, this in general benefits the healthcare institutions, the healthcare professional, and most importantly the patient.