Patient-specific Prosthetics and Implants

Our custom made prosthetics and implants are specially recommended for the following medical specialities:


Custom made plates, ATM implants and bone reconstructions

Maxillofacial implants for the reconstructions of bone defects due to trauma and tumors, and orbital floor reconstructions.


Craneoplasty Implants, intervertebral discs and other spine solutions.

Craneoplasty implants. Intervertebral fusion discs for cervical and lumbar pain.

Arthrodesis and Osteosynthesis

Arthrodesis solutions for the immobilization of articulations (wrist, ankle, etc). Osteosynthesis implants for orthognathic surgery and bone fractures. Fusion cages and osteosynthesis solutions for bone distractions.

Large defect implants and function implants

Pelvis, scapula, ribs, sternum and other large bones reconstructions, with the possibility to incorporate mesh like structures. Acetabulum stabilization and reconstruction implants.