Orthopaedic implants market has experienced in the last few years a strong period of expansion, mainly due to the development of new products and the increased expenditure in healthcare attention in the developed countries.

This sector is one of the biggest segments of the healthcare market. The orthopaedic market has an estimated worth of 30 000 million USD in 2011, with an annual grow rate of 8%.

Moreover the 3D printing market was estimated to worth around 354.5 million USD in 2012, and it’s grow annual rate is estimated to be around 15.4% in the period from 2013 to 2019. In 2019 this market is estimated to worth 965.5 million USD.

Why invest in BRECA Health Care?

BRECA is a company pioneer at national and international level in the development of healthcare products manufactured trough 3D printing technologies. It counts with a multidisciplinary team with proven experience in the sector.

The custom made solutions have been validated, and success cases are becoming more common and easy to find. Therefore a wide range of possibilities is open in the market and sooner rather than later custom made solutions will become the standard practice in the medical sector.

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