How to make an order

Step 1 - Send medical data

You can send us directly the CD via postal service, or the DICOM files through online applications, such as, Wetrasnfer or Dropbox. Call us or use our contact form to send us an e-mail. Give us your required specifications for the products in questions and any personal preferences or information that we should take into account. In order to easily manipulate the medical data we advise to follow these specifications to save your imaging data.

Step 2 - Analysis and imaging data reception confirmation.

Upon reception of the medical imaging data, our team of engineers will analyse it in order to determinate their quality and usability for the design stages. After validation we will send you the confirmation.

Step 3 - Desgin and first proposal.

Within a maximum period of 2 days from the confirmation of reception, our team will contact you in order to present a first design proposal to obtain your feedback. From this moment on we will validate the design or re-design the implant. After approval we will start the fabrication.